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A Life with Poems and Dreams
CAMERICH and One House Design Co-build a Mountain Residence

Living in the bustling downtown area for a long time makes one yearn more for the simplicity and authenticity of living in nature, to regain a peaceful mind. Located amid the mountains to the west of Zhengzhou, the 8,000-mu Yongwei Shanyue Residence is built on the primitive plateau and slope. 

The designer strives to reserve its natural environment and to explore the inner beauty of the buildings. The project features a design technique of interspersed blocks, pure materials details and the combination of reality and imagination, offering a breath-taking scenery everywhere you go. Here one can enjoy a laid-back and vacation-like lifestyle, with "poems and dreams" close at hand.

01 Courtyard House: Cozy and Elegant


The first floor has a spacious layout and a floor height of 6.2 meters, with large floor-to-ceiling landscape windows. Its dimensions and comfortable style are obvious. The sense of extension, lighting, materials and form transition are carefully measured to add charms to the details.


Adhering to the principle of restraint and balance, the design of the living room and dining room intentionally avoids excessive elements. While meeting all the needs, they also reveal the beauty of area dividing. One of the walls gradually retreats like a stair and thus creates the space for the dining room. It’s a natural result from the dimension design and a flexible planning of the relationship between blocks and surfaces.

In the semi-surrounding enclosure, the dining room and kitchen are harmoniously connected by the wired glass. The rhythmic wooden grilles and light strips resemble the twinkling starlight in the mountains, creating a pleasant and romantic dinning atmosphere.

The lines in the stairway reveal both the connection and independence of different areas; and the ingenious suspended handrail is a perfect combination of function, aesthetics and technique. Every step you take, you can feel the beauty of flowing light and shadow.


The master bedroom suite on the second floor is the perfect embodiment of a penetrating and interesting space design. The designer seeks inspiration from the layered mountains and created a well-proportioned design with the extension, interweaving and collision of large areas. The wooden grille sliding door exudes a unique kind of freedom and softness.

A large area of wooden panels add a touch of simplicity and warmth. The designer used the terrace to create a comfortable corner outside the bedroom, further enhancing the premium living quality and reflecting the thoughtful design of the bedroom.

The different shades of gray in the second bedroom suite give an elegant and subtle expression, which fully reflects the authentic and peaceful lifestyle. The connection of upper and lower brushed stainless steel plated with black titanium breaks the monotony of the solid color background of the bed and adds dynamism to the space.

The structure of the basement is quite similar to that of the first floor as it also adopts a semi-atrium space design, uses warm tones and the same texture. The light well introduces light, while the open layout ensures inclusivity and flexibility. It's the place that serves many purposes, such as tea tasting, partying, movie watching, etc.

It is worth mentioning that the basement reserves two independent terraces, allowing residents to be close to nature while being at the underground floors.

02 Stacked Townhouse: Quiet and Luxurious


The porch is the starting point of the space. The designer paved it with a large piece of wooden panels to create a feeling of peace and relaxation. Wandering around, one will encounter a touch of warmth at every corner, just like a beautiful misty mountain view.

The sun shines through the window screen and falls on the soft fabrics, a great moment in the living room that one never forgets. The designer abandoned the excessive elements and removed the redundant walls. The metal grilles connect multiple areas to allow communication among them. Through the simple lines and pastel tones, it exudes a calm atmosphere and a touch of luxury.

The free form of kitchen, bar and dining room further improves the sense of dimensions, as well as the comfortable and convenient living experience. The lacquer and metal run through the space, combined with the collisions and contrasts between vision and texture, offering a subtle openness and interaction.

The metal grille connects the stairs with the living room, which is rhythmic but not completely regular. In the flexible and airy layout, it creates a simple and pure tension.

The space is reshaped according to different life scenarios and flow maps, allowing residents to rest in a calm and free atmosphere without losing simplicity and coziness. The low saturation colors have laid a delicate and soothing tone for the second bedroom, which is bright, neat and full of vitality.


"The design carries the ideals of life and the hidden stories in the mountains. It is restrained and subtle, but still impressive." Just as designer Fang Lei expected: Up in the mountains and forests, in the courtyard house and stacked townhouse show rooms of Zhengzhou Yongwei Shanyue Residence, there is no excessive elements but a relaxed attitude and the beauty of a tranquil living experience, allowing residents to find spiritual belonging in a bustling city and enjoy a poetical life here. 

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